Butterfly Effect Studio

fine art jewellery by Zelda Bird 

Butterfly Effect Studio is situated in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.  We are a family owned and operated studio Zelda Bird is our founder and goldsmith since 2011.  All our jewellery is handcrafted in sterling silver & 14k gold.  We use solid sterling silver and gold stock therefore none of our jewellery is plated.  We use traditional hand finishing techniques to ensure good quality in craftsmanship.  None of our jewellery is mass produced and many are one of a kind inspired works of art. 

Artist Statement
I love the fact that jewellery when properly constructed in precious metals will outlast my lifetime, that it has the ability to serve as a connection from one generation to the next. I am inspired by the beauty to be found in people that we discover through relationships, the hidden treasures of God’s work in their lives and the truths about our Savior revealed when observing nature; the beauty He so carefully designed to surround us. My work is a personal celebration of His promises found in scripture and therefore I give all thanks to our Creator for the privilege to share with you our Butterfly Effect creations.